Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the  services of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. and before proceeding with the purchase of any type of Naples Pass. With the use of the services of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s., or by making any purchase, you fully accept these Terms of Service and agree to be aware of its complete content.

Reporting approach: to report problems or poor service, buyers must communicate by e-mail customercare@naplespass.eu or by sending a registered letter to our registered office address in Naples: at Galleria Umberto I n. 27.


1.1) The following concepts and the following definitions are used in the Contract:
- Contract or Agreement: this Contract for the purchase and sale of the Naples Pass in addittion to the Artecard, allows you to have access to discounts and promotions at the best places in Naples, as well as free access to sites of interest and discounts on public transport .
- Services of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s .: the "Naples Pass" App interface, which the company provides to the user to perform all the authorized operations and the monitoring of the instruments used to place orders. The agreement is concluded electronically via the "Naples Pass" app and is electronically agreed between the company and the registered user


3.1) We expressly refer to our Privacy Policy and the relative Cookie section, which regulate your use of the services of  Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. and how to protect your personal data. Therefore, we invite you to read it carefully.


4.1) The display of products present in the Marketing Italy s.r.l.s. services constitutes an invitation to offer. The Naples Pass App is designed to purchase securities that allow access to discounts and promotions at the best places in Naples, as well as free access to sites of interest and discounts on public transport.
4.2) To order a product you only need to register in the App, select the desired product, put it in your cart and complete the order by paying the purchase price by Paypal.
If you want to buy one or more products shown on the App, you can select them one by one, adding them to your cart. Once you have selected all the items you wish to purchase, you can close your shopping cart and submit the order. The products will be sold as described in the relevant information sheets. The image accompanying the description of a product may not be fully representative of its characteristics. All the information supporting the purchase are intended as simple general information material, not referable to the real characteristics of a single product.
4.3) Your order will be considered as your purchase contract proposal addressed to Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. for the listed products, each considered individually. The Sales Contract with Marketing Italia s.r.l.s.  will only be concluded with the payment of the purchase price. With the payment of the purchase price and the conclusion of the contract, Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. will add the products you purchased immediately in your personal area.
4.4) The Naples Pass purchased by you, which is for 3, 7 or 365 days, is effective immediately after purchase and will be registered in the name of the registered user, until the end of the validity period on the third, seventh or the three hundred and sixty-fifth day that follows up to the purchase, respecting the hour in which the purchase took place. In the case of a transfer, the Naples Pass will be re-registered to the person to whom it has been transferred. In case of the purchase of more than one "Naples Pass", the duration of all passes will begin to run simultaneously, without any possibility of refund. The complete list of the affiliated activities and the relative discount offered to Naples Pass holders is available in the "Naples Pass" App, available on the Google Store and App Store. Show your Naples Pass as soon as you enter the affiliated business, the discount will not be applied if the activity has already issued the tax receipt. Once you have shown your Naples Pass your code will be scanned by the operator who will verify its validity, if your Naples Pass is invalid, the discount will not be applied.
4.5) Differently from the Naples Pass, the Campania> 3-day artecard also applies to transport (only in physical card format), therefore the digital version is not a valid travel document. It is a personal and non-transferable card, it must be endorsed on admission to each site and must be shown to the service staff on request. Campania> artecards Transportation and Places must be withdrawn in physical card format at the collection points indicated in the App, immediately after the purchase of the digital version of the Naples Pass. For the purposes of the effective date of its validity, it is necessary to stamp it at first use. It expires at midnight on the last day of its validity period. For applicable conventions, it is necessary to consult the "Naples Pass" App. Campania> artecard 7 days does not apply to transport, it is digital only, and enjoys the same guidelines as the "Naples Pass" referred to in the previous points, with the exception of the period of validity that will always expire at midnight on the seventh day after activating it.
4.6) You agree to receive electronic invoices from Paypal in relation to the transaction made. No other tax document will be issued by Marketing Italia s.r.l.s.
4.7) With this agreement, you accept that Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. generates gains and profits from the transactions on its platform. The company takes a commission for processing each order for a percentage of the value of the products.


5.1) Pursuant to and in accordance with art. 59 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, it is conventionally excluded the right of withdrawal for the existence of the conditions set out in lett. d) and o) for the said Article. Notwithstanding any other request made by the user after direct contact with Marketing Italia s.r.l.s.
5.2) Given the characteristics of the product sold by Marketing Italia s.r.l.s., the legal guarantee of conformity provided by Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 is not applicable.


6.1) All prices include VAT applied by law
6.2) Information on the availability of the products we sell can be listed on the App, as well as on the presentation page of each product. The product page contains all the information that we own. Once your order is received, we will notify you as soon as possible at your e-mail address, if some of the products you have ordered are not available at the moment and, if possible, when they are available again.


7.1) All content that is present or made available through the Marketing Italy s.r.l.s. Services in the form of texts, graphics, logos and any other tools present in the software used, is the property of Marketing Italia srls, or its content providers, and are protected by Italian laws and international laws on copyright and rights on the databases. The list of all the content present or made available through the Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. Services is the exclusive property of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. and is protected by Italian, EU and international laws on copyright and database rights.
It is not permitted to extract and / or systematically reuse parts of the Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. services without the express written consent of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. In particular, it is not permitted to use data mining, robots or similar acquisition or extraction devices to extract (one or more times) to re-use any substantial part of any Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. services, without our express written consent. You cannot even create and / or publish your own database that reproduces substantial parts (eg prices and product lists) of the Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. Services without the express written consent of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. and its suppliers.


8.1) All graphics, logos, page headers, icon buttons, characters, and service marks included or made available through any of the Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. Services are trademarks, distinguishing marks or patents of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, owners or other service providers.
8.2) The trademarks, identification marks or patents of Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. can not in any way be used in relation to products or services that do not belong to Marketing Italia s.r.l.s., in such way that it generates confusion among customers or in any way that may denigrate or discredit Marketing Italia s.r.l.s., damaging its commercial reliability. All other trademarks or patents that are not owned by Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. and that appear on any of the Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. services are the property of their respective owners, being sponsored or reproduced by Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. on the basis of specific legally signed agreements.