Confidential data are the personal details of the registered User.
Data saved in a publically accessible area is not considered to be confidential.

Marketing Italia s.r.l. works hard to maintain the privacy of confidential data and does not divulge information on Privacy to third parties without prior notice and written consent, with the exception of the below. Providing this data is obligatory in order to adhere to legal and contractual obligations and, therefore, any refusal to provide this or to allow processing will render it impossible for the Society to uphold its own contractual relationship and further, in the case of a subsequent cancellation request, this will constitute a legitimate reason for termination of the contract by Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. In this respect, in line with EU Regulation no.679/16 (GDPR), the data controller is Marketing Italia s.r.l, headquarters at Via Filippo Argelati 10, 20143 Milano, C.F 08368951219, tel. 39 1902 05 29, pec (registered electronic post) .The data protection officer is Marketing Italia s.r.l., address Via Filippo Argelati 10, 20143 Milano, tel. 39 354 57 96 992, tel. 39 0287176683, mail

Data and content from magnetic media will be processed in written form and/or on magnetic, electronic or telecommunications devices. The servers used to store data are located in the European Union, in compliance with applicable laws. These provisions may be subject to change or variation in line with modifications to Italian and EU regulation. Data may be collected in two ways.

Personal Data provided by you
We receive and store any data that you input into our website or that you provide to us in any other way. Usually, Marketing Italia s.r.l.s. collects personal data including: name, surname, email, date and place of birth, city and country of residence, geolocation, personal identifiable images. You always have the right to request the update, correction, assimilation or deletion of the personal data you have provided, as well as to limit the data we hold on you or declare your opposition to processing, in compliance with Art.7 D. Igs. 196/03 Italian Law and artt.13 e ss EU Regulation no. 679/16. We also recognise all your rights under artt. 15 (Right of access by data subject), 16 (Right of correction), 17(Right to deletion), 18 (Right to limit processing), 20 (Right to transfer data) and 21(Right to oppose) of EU Regulation no. 679/16, in addition to every other right connected to these and set out in the regulation. As a data subject, under art. 15 GDPR, you also have the following rights: 1) To request access to your personal data from the data controller, or the correction or deletion of your data, as well as to limit the processing of your personal data or oppose any processing, beyond your right to request a transfer of the data. 2) To freely obtain a copy of your personal data, set out for common use and in a digital form able to be read by a computer, in order to transfer them to another data controller. 3) To retract your consent to processing, without prejudice to the legality of any processing undertaken based on consent before such retraction. 4) To report your concerns to the Guaranteeing Authority for the Protection of your personal data.

Personal data collected automatically
We receive and store some categories of personal data every time you interact with us or you create an account through social media accounts, like Facebook. We collect and analyse data with technical cookies, such as, for example: IP address used to connect your computer to the internet; login details; email address; password; details about your computer and connection such as type and version of browser; time zone settings; type and version of browser plug-ins, operating system and platform; number of cookies; geolocation; data input and transactions carried out on the Naples Pass app. During some visits, it is possible that software tools such as Javascript may be used in order to measure and collect information about the session, including time taken for pages to load, download errors, length of visit to some pages, information about interaction with pages (scrolling, clicking and cursor movement) and the method used to exit the page. We might also collect technical information to help us identify your device in order to prevent fraud and for use in diagnostics.

Purpose and method of processing
Data will be processed without the express consent of the User, in line with art.6 GDPR, in order to execute a contract to which the data subject is a party or for pre-contractual measures taken at the data subject’s request, to comply with the legal obligations of regulation, EU rules or the orders of any authority (lett.c). Data will be processed with the express consent of the User, in line with art.7 GDPR, for marketing purposes (sending commercial communications and promotional material via email about products or services offered by the processor, requesting feedback on satisfaction levels and quality of service, and promotional material on behalf of third parties). Personal data will be stored for the entire duration of the contractual relationship or whilst the account is in existence, with annual checks to determine the presence or otherwise of the User within the database. If the data should become no longer necessary, the User will be given a deadline within which to request the backup of their data, which will then be deleted. Any third parties receiving data will do so only as per the contract drawn up and/or to offer marketing promotions. Only that data which is appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purposes for which it is processed will be collected.

To exercise your rights as outlined here, please contact the data processor at the address given or by email at

By registering, you give your consent to the processing of your personal data based on this Privacy Notice, as regulated under Art.13 D.lgs. 196/03 of Italian Law and with the possibilities set out in Art.7 D.lgs. 196/03 of Italian Law and art.7 EU Regulation no.679/16.